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When a client lawyer of mine is contacted about a foreign crash, they call us for litigation services. When a foreign lawyer, or family or family association, or a source outside of the United States needs assistance, they call me. I can’t tell you how many times an overwhelmed family member has fled from the insurer’s negotiating table and called me. That’s when I get on the plane. I consult with lawyers about what may be a possible U. S. case. Sometimes the case does not fit US criteria and at that point, if the client has hired us, we team up with local lawyers who are licensed to practice law in that particular country. Either way the family will benefit either here in the United States, or by having our aviation experience move the case along in the country of origin. I go to the scene, meet the families. I get teams on the ground, for communicating, for researching, for coordinating with clients, for handling meetings, for coordinating press teams, for dealing with issues as they come up.

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