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Lionair: The Last Flight Of PK-LQP

On 29 October 2018, Flight JT610 operated by Lion Air was scheduled to fly from Soekarno–Hatta International Airport in Jakarta to Depati Amir Airport in Pangkal Pinang.

Families who lost loved ones on this crash will be seeking compensation and no lawyer, no matter how expert, knows in advance how much compensation will be. But families should know they can be represented to be compensated from Boeing in addition to LionAir compensation ONLY if they do not sign away their rights to LionAir first!

The flight crashed 13 minutes after takeoff. Before crashing offshore northeast of Jakarta, the flight crew had requested clearance to return to the Jakarta airport. Air Traffic Control lost communication at 06:33 am. Workers on a Pertamina oil platform said they saw the plane crash with a high nose down angle.

All aboard lost their lives: 178 adult passengers, 1 child and 2 babies, six cabin crew and two pilots.

The Boeing 737 MAX 8 was leased from CMIG Aviation Capital. It had been delivered new to Lion Air on 13 August 2018.The aircraft had only approximately 800 hours in service.

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