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You’ve all heard of the town square. In history, the town square was not merely the hub of activity, it was also the kindly and familiar place where the locals gathered, and where they discussed the issues of the day. This was a slower era, and the civilized spaces were smaller than the big bad outside world. Now the big bad outside world is everywhere, and the town square has been relegated to fond reminiscence, backward glances and black and white movies.

So welcome here to the town square. Make yourself at home, and let’s see if we can help each other with the issues that matter. Issues like clean air. Clean water. The Environment. Issues like ferreting out the toxins that poison us. Like finding out what each of us can do–alone and together–taking on the responsibility of leaving a green world, clean world to our children.

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Bring your friends.

Bring your causes. There is strength in community.

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