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Greenpeace Save the honeybee!

Greenpeace urges you to save the honeybee:

Save the honeybee! Ban bee-killing pesticides

Honeybees pollinate many of the nuts, fruits and vegetables we love. But beekeepers keep discovering honeybees – whole hives of them – gone or dead.

Honeybees are being poisoned. Scientists have linked a powerful class of pesticides called “neonics” to increases in bee die-offs. Due in part to these deadly toxic chemicals, 31% of hives in the United States collapsed this past winter alone.

Millions across Europe spoke up for the bees and pressured the European Union (EU) into imposing a two year ban on neonics, defeating the influential pesticide lobby. If we act together, we can convince the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to do the same.

Save the bees that pollinate our crops and that visit your backyard. Help us send 75K comments to the EPA by June 27th.

Mail this to the EPA:

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