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Metrojet Flight 9268: Flying the Mayday Plane Trail

Chasing and Facing the Human Side of Air Catastrophe All I know is that when you fly in fear, the sky, the air, and the distance below is immense and hostile. In the presence of air, the earth and your stomach fall away, leaving your heart racing. I sometimes think of the fear passengers felt […]

Airblue 202: July 28, 2015

A Message to all Surviving Family Members Our dead are never dead to us until we have forgotten them. Those are words by another George—the Victorian novelist Mary Anne Evans whose pen name was George Elliot. “Our dead are never dead to us until we have forgotten them.” No truer words were ever spoken. But […]

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You can visit for a birds eye view at some of George Hatcher’s endeavors or check out World Lawyer’s blog for a glimpse at George’s travels on behalf of some of the lawyers he knows. (George is not a lawyer but he does do some international client management, for lack of a better term. […]

Consultants in the Town Square

You’ve all heard of the town square. In history, the town square was not merely the hub of activity, it was also the kindly and familiar place where the locals gathered, and where they discussed the issues of the day. This was a slower era, and the civilized spaces were smaller than the big bad […]

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